photo 1VA Crysis was born in Wilmington North Carolina and raised in Virginia. He had always been musically gifted as talent streamed through his family generations prior which is likely why Crysis began writing and recording music at the early age of 8. The artists that inspired this young emcee to write songs hailed from the golden era of Hip Hop such as Slick Rick, Rakim, and Nas. However fans get a more animated entertainer when it comes to performance because Crysis took notes from legends such as James Brown and Marvin Gaye. In the music business each individual needs a niche something that separates them from the next “rapper” for VA what set him apart from the rest of the population was the fact that he was never afraid to invest in himself. Over the years as he was actively perusing his music career Crysis spending ample time and money into his own production, promotion, and travels where many others would have waited for a hand out he sacrificed many common luxuries we take for granted on a daily basis all for a dream that he believed he could make a reality.

      Hard work and determination paid off as Va Crysis started reaching and surpassing milestones in his career. In 2002 He was an opening act for Juvenile and The Hot Boys and since then he has also opened up for many more established artists such as TI, Bubba Sparxxx, Big Daddy Kane, and Juelz Santana. Gaining more exposure helped lead to opportunities to perform in venues along the east coast, Crysis has graced stages in VA, NC, CT, and ATL to name a few. Traveling was one way VA Crysis built a larger fan base another technique he used was collaborating with other artists that were on a similar path. He has worked with artists from New York, Alabama, and Canada doing so in turn expanded his catalog. Each accomplishment only leads to setting higher goals and working harder for Crysis. His most recent endeavors are driven by positive and up lifting motives. VA Crysis is responsible for writing the theme song for Liberty University’s football team anthem, the Christian University is one of the most respected colleges not only along the east coast but across the United States. Crysis would also become a pillar of encouragement for the public school systems with his single entitled “We All Got A Dream”. This single which motivates the youth to follow their dreams was picked up by the FAFSA program which asists students with getting enrolled into college programs.

      Currently you will be able to find Va Crysis not only recording new music and performing at larger venues but also Co-hosting the 16 Barz Radio Show broadcasting from Washington D.C. He is just a voice of experience and guidance for independent artists coming up and beginning their careers. For every journey you take you need to have a plan and Crysis is no stranger to setting and accomplishing goals. His future plans include promoting a positive mindset for the youth through his music and actions. Crysis uses his past ventures to influence young people to stay on the path of education and chasing their dreams. He also plans to start charities and contribute to organizations that help with various illnesses. Crysis is the true definition of a motivator using bad circumstance to give others a better outlook on the world around them. Va Crysis has a distinct musical sound with pain in his voice he speaks of a positive change, using street knowledge he educates the youth through awareness, and he is a story teller to be reckoned with each set of lyrics undeniably gives you a visual image.